A smile froze on his lips. — Улыбка застыла у него на губах.

His lips were parched and swollen. — Губы запеклись и распухли.

A blister broke out on his lip. — На губе выскочил волдырь.

She got chapped/wind-burned and cracked lips. — Губы у нее обветрились и потрескались.

There is many a slip between the cup and the lip. — Близок локоть, да не укусишь. /Бабушка надвое сказала. /Еще может все сорваться. /Не будем загадывать.

To pay smb lip service. — Льстить кому-либо

- upper lip
- pale lips
- inflamed lips
- parched lips
- painted lips
- soft lips
- tender lips
- hanging lower lip
- full lips
- plump lips
- slightly parted lips
- thin lips
- lip of a milk jar
- smb's lips form a perfect bow
- edges of the lips
- shape of the lips
- corners of the lips
- with a slight movement of one's lips
- with a smile on one's lips
- with a curl of one's lips
- with bitter lines of one's lips
- from smb's own lips
- be on everybody's lips
- wipe one's lips
- force a smile on one's lips
- move one's lips in an chewing fashion
- touch smth with one's lips
- paint one's lips
- curl one's lips
- bite one's lips nervously
- bite one's lips so hard as to draw blood
- freeze on one's lips
- purse one's lips
- hurt one's lip
- put cream on one's lips
- lift smth to one's lips
- press smth to one's lips
- put a finger to one's lips
- put one's lips to smb's ear
- move one's lips
- press one's lips to smth
- put one's lips out for a kiss
- form one's lips into a cheerful expression
- part one's lips slightly
- run the tip of the tongue along one's lips
- dab one's wet lips with a napkin
- cut one's lip
- smb's lips stretched into a smile
- split one's lip
- moisten one's lips
- say smth only with one's lips
- smth escapes one's lips
- fever blisters broke out on his lips
- her his lips twisted into a scornful grin
- lips broadened and broke into a smile
- there was a hint of a smile on her lips
- corners of smb's lips began to turn up
- his upper lip began twitching

Большой англо-русский учебный словарь сочетаемости. . 2010.

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